Ezemvelo Honorary Officers Airwing Training Day (15 June 2019)

The Ezemvelo Honorary Officers Airwing recently hosted its first training day with other Honorary Officer Group members. The training covered various aspects of radio use from ground to air as well as aerial observation training specifically the identifying of objects from the air and relaying their location and description to ground based teams. Honorary officer members were paired with Airwing pilots and given a chance to take to the skies and practice relaying information to the ground teams whilst flying at relatively low altitudes. The training day allowed the Airwing to introduce other Honorary officer members to the specific requirements and complexities that come with aerial/ground missions. Overall, the day was a massive success and valuable skills were developed and lessons learned. We will be aiming to host more of these training sessions in the future as there is a need to develop the various skills needed to conduct successful future aerial/ground missions. The Airwing would like to thank all those that attended and hope that you all enjoyed the day.


Together in conservation.

The Ezemvelo Honorary Officers Airwing






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