Our mission is to provide aerial surveillance and related support to various conservation initiatives for the benefit of the environment and the protection of biological diversity in KwaZulu-Natal. To do this we aim to provide support for intelligence led wildlife law enforcement & anti-poaching operations using the aircraft and support crew at our disposal.

We aim to feed information to conservation groups and honorary officers on the ground, who can use this information for tactical planning. We also aim to provide support for wildlife and natural resource monitoring which can be used for scientific research, protection, compiling conservation management plans and wildlife rescue. We can also assist with:

  • aerial photography;
  • monitoring of rare and endangered species;
  • Vegetation & coastal mapping to determine vegetation types, the spread of alien and invasive plants and potential fire risks as well as the monitoring of erosion and illegal sand mining;
  • Carcass locations and search and rescue of injured/sick or missing wildlife through natural causes or illegal activities;
  • Fence mapping & patrols;

We are fortunate enough to have many passionate and dedicated pilots who volunteer their time and aircraft to assist the airwing in its conservation operations. Through our pilots, we have access to various light sport aircraft which are perfectly suited for our operations. We adhere to¬†stringent recruiting requirements to ensure that both our pilots as well as our observation officer’s are thoroughly trained as well as highly competent, efficient and passionate about our mission and vision for the Airwing Honorary Officer’s Group.


Officer in Charge: Greg Nanni

Group Chairman: Peter West

Vice Chair/Chief Pilot: Garry Scott

Secretary/Flight Coordinator: Tasha Atkinson

Legal/Media: Matt Bremner