• A formal request must be submitted to the Airwing Honorary Officers Group either by email or the link provided below.


  • When submitting a request as much detail as possible must be provided including but not limited to geographical location, weather conditions, hazards etc.


  • All mission requests are considered and vetted by the Airwing Honorary Officers committee and acceptance will be communicated directly to you as soon as possible.


  • The Airwing Honorary Officers Group flight coordinator will then allocate the mission to Airwing Honorary Officers Group pilot and arrange for an Airwing Honorary Officers Group observer suited to the type of mission required.


  • Communication channels are then set up with the ground crew.


  • Any non-Airwing Honorary Officers Group member are to sign an indemnity form before accompanying a pilot officer on a mission flight.


  • All Airwing Honorary Officer Pilots adhere to Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions and operate within Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Recreational Aviation Administration of South Africa (RAASA) laws and regulations.


  • All final decisions, however,  are at the absolute and ultimate discretion of the Airwing Honorary Officer Pilot on the day in question.


Please use this link for a mission request